The Gritty Ones


To eighteen year old Lillian Sutliff, grief feels like an old friend. She has lost two siblings, and now she has lost her mother from complications following childbirth. In his grief, Lillian’s father turns to the bottle and expects her to raise her six siblings. With sickness and war threatening, Lillian faces the responsibility of her siblings and a bleak future with little help. While her family is left to mourn, Lillian, instead, chooses to run. When her grandmother returns for the funeral, Lillian boards the train and returns to South Dakota with her. But Lillian’s leaving has heartbreaking repercussions.
Little did she know that history was repeating itself.
In Custer, South Dakota, Lillian’s grandmother, Mary, is nearing death. As she begins to lose her battle with cancer, Mary begins to unburden her soul. And Lillian’s eyes are opened to the pain and suffering of motherless children, on a trail that reaches back generations before her.
Where painful memories have become shameful secrets, it will fall to Lillian to change the future for herself and for her siblings. And to finally break free from the cycle of mistakes and misery that has plagued her family for generations.

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