The Children’s Field


After her failed suicide attempt, Claire leaves behind her life in Denver and moves with her father, to a sleepy suburb community outside of Omaha. Unbeknownst to her, her father has purchased what was once the beautiful home of the prominent Henderson family, but years of neglect have left behind a decrepit skeleton of its once former glory. As Claire drifts off to sleep the first night in her new home, strange scents of lilac fill the air, and unseen hands gently tuck her in.

And that’s only the beginning.

When Claire’s father is called away, she’s left on her own in the creaking, creeping house. Or is she? Mysterious voices call to her, strange visions appear before her eyes, and an unexpected discovery in the attic leads Claire down a path of Henderson lore. But, Claire is about to find out that not everything is as it seems.

As Claire searches for answers to secrets that have long remained buried, she soon begins to struggle to retain a grasp on her own slipping reality. Is the Henderson home truly haunted by spirits who remain unsettled? Or do the secrets of the Henderson curse go deeper than Claire can ever imagine?

Lies, betrayal, and generations plagued by mental illness, The Children’s Field is a story of families torn apart, and of the troubled girl who unknowingly rights years of wrongs.


1 thought on “The Children’s Field”

  1. This story will hold echoes of lost mothers, I am sure. You have found a wonderful way of healing family wounds through your writing. Lovely. I am looking forward to reading this story.

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