The Wretched’s Grace

A BETRAYALI can't undo what I have done;I can't using a a song that's sung.And the saddest thing about my regret - I can't forgive meand you can't forget.-Lang Leav


Newspaper seller, William Sutliff rushes into the lobby of the State Hotel crying for help before collapsing before the front desk. For one brief moment, his grief-filled life flashes before his eyes. But before help can arrive he dies from a heart attack.

Or is it heartbreak that did him in? A lifetime of drowning his miseries in a bottle weakened his body and soul. When William’s soul is released he thinks he has found the peace he had searched for at last.

But for William, peace is a distant desire. Because waiting for William are other souls. Souls that have wronged him, souls he himself hurt. And before William can at long last find peace, he must answer for his sins.


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