The Children’s Field

After her failed suicide attempt, Claire leaves behind her life in Denver and moves with her father, to a sleepy suburb community outside of Omaha. Unbeknownst to her, her father has purchased what was once the beautiful home of the prominent Henderson family, but years of neglect have left behind a decrepit skeleton of its… Continue reading The Children’s Field

The Gritty Ones

1918 To eighteen year old Lillian Sutliff, grief feels like an old friend. She has lost two siblings, and now she has lost her mother from complications following childbirth. In his grief, Lillian’s father turns to the bottle and expects her to raise her six siblings. With sickness and war threatening, Lillian faces the responsibility of her… Continue reading The Gritty Ones

The Wretched’s Grace

1937 Newspaper seller, William Sutliff rushes into the lobby of the State Hotel crying for help before collapsing before the front desk. For one brief moment, his grief-filled life flashes before his eyes. But before help can arrive he dies from a heart attack. Or is it heartbreak that did him in? A lifetime of… Continue reading The Wretched’s Grace

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