Lucky for me, some gracious soul before me managed to trace the Wright’s all the way back to England in the Middle Ages! So what I feared would be my most difficult to research line (so many Wright’s) turned out to be my easiest. I’m eager to begin researching specific ancestors, but for the time being, I’ll begin the summary of my Wright line just a few generations back.

Charles Howard Wright was born 25 Apr 1861 in Sycamore, DeKalb, IL to Royal Riley and Mary (Siglin) Wright. On 15 Oct 1882, Charles married Jennie Emily Olmsted, also spelled Olmstead, in Dekalb, IL. Jennie was a daughter to Nathan and Anna Mae (Groat) Olmsted, and a sister to Carrie Belle Olmsted.

Jennie was born on 26 Nov 1861 in Schenevus, Otsego, NY. Within a year, the couple had moved to Sac City, Sac, IA where they had five children. Flora: 1883-1973; Hattie Delana: 1886-1972; Byron: 1888-1973; Albert Roy: 1890-1965; and Amos McKinley: 29 Aug 1899-6 Aug 1959.

Charles and Emily lived their lives in Sac City. On 30 Jul 1952, Jennie passed away. Charles followed on 31 Mar 1958. They were laid to rest in the Oakland Cemetery in Sac City, Sac, IA where many of their children and grandchildren have also been buried.

Charles Howard Wright Jennie Emily <i>Olmstead</i> Wright


4 thoughts on “Wright”

  1. Good Evening Brianna, I’m a direct descendent of the Wrights in the Black Hills…My father grew up in the Wright family home…I think you have a picture of it on your blog, not the cabin, that was built by Hawkright, but the old family home in Custer (built by W W Wright, an uncle I believe)…I have some historic photos of the family there (at the cabin, and home)I have a lot of information on the family, if you’re looking for it…My Great Grandma was Gertrude Maude Wright, daughter of Wilbur Wright, son of Jonathon Newton Wright (aka Hawkwright)…Hawkright was one of the first Europeans to settle the Black Hills…Very old and powerful pioneer family…We could very likely be cousins…

    1. Very cool, Patrick! To my knowledge, I’m not directly related to any Wright’s in the Custer area. My relations there are on my maternal side. But anything’s possible! I’ll have to trace back my Wright line and see if our lineages cross!

  2. Can I ask you…how do you do research on genealogy? I’d like to trace my dad’s past but I’m unsure how to. All I know (which I found out a couple of weeks ago) was that my dad’s father’s last name was actually Sand before moving from Norway to the US, where they changed it to Berg. There’s also some history in my family related to the Titanic (our family was supposed to be on that ship but decided to leave for the US earlier). Do you use sites like Ancestry? Libraries? Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks!

    1. Sure! I typically use Ancestry when beginning my research. It’s a great place to begin compiling the information already known, and the hints can be very helpful. But there are so many other places to look.

      Many times, you can find collections of surnames and ancestry either online or through a genealogical department at the library or local historical society.

      Newspaper archives have quickly become one of my favorite means of searching, as I feel it gives a better glance into our ancestors day-to-day lives.

      Additionally, if you discover any midwesterner ancestors and would love more information, check out my page here:


      Good luck with your research! Let me know if I can be of any more assistance!

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