Daniel Archibald Green was born 8 May 1862 in Ohio to John Green and Lavina “Dorca” McManigal. Sometime before 1888, Daniel moved from Ohio to Washington County, Nebraska where a few of his mother’s brothers were living. There he met and married Cora Ann Elliott, daughter of Robert Lewis and Alice Sophrena (Tuttle) on 14 Feb 1888.

By 1900, the Green family had settled in Florence, Nebraska where they had nine children. However, things may not have ended happily between the couple. In the 1920 census, Cora is listed as living with their oldest daughter and her family, and Daniel is living with their oldest son and his family.

On 3 Nov 1920, Daniel passed away and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha. After a prolonged illness, and years of living at the Douglas County Hospital, Cora passed away on 16 Feb 1932 due to septicemia following a surgery on her gall bladder. She was also buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery.


2 thoughts on “Green”

  1. Hello there, distant cousin!!! I found your site while searching for James P. McManigal… just thought I would drop a note!

    John W. Green and Lovina McManigal are my grandparents as well. Interestingly, their son, my 3x great grandfather, Bird Milton Green married Dulcina Martin who is the daughter of Nathaniel Martin and Mary Ellen McManigal (Lovina’s sister), so I am a McManigal twice over!!! EEK!
    My side of the family all stayed in the midwest though… lots of Lawrence County, Ohio blood in my veins… though I have travelled the world over several times… LOL!

    1. Hello! This is so Wild! (family name pun!) I was thinking about the McManigal’s just a few days ago and ruminating on a future post idea. The McManigal/Green line is one that I want to revisit soon since I don’t have much in the way of information on siblings. It seems like quite a few intermarried. I’ll be sure to add that info onto my tree! Thanks so much for dropping a note!

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