While there is a Wildrick book that traces the origins of the American families to one single ancestor, I’ve been unable to attach our Wildrick line to any of those mentioned in the collection. It is possible we are a separate line of Wildrick’s as the first George’s name is spelled Willdrick on his tombstone.

Our line begins with George Willdrick b. 12 Dec 1826 in Warren, New Jersey. Sometime before 1848 he arrived in Illinois where he met and married Abigail King b. 10 Oct 1824 in Ottawa, La Salle, Illinois. After living in Fulton County, Illinois, the family eventually settled in Hancock County.

They had six children. James Albert: born 2 Oct 1848, Sophia Elizabeth: born 11 Oct 1850, John Wesley: born about 1852, George Webb: born about 1854, Mary Alice: born about 1855, and Henry C.: born 2 Oct 1851.

George died on 7 Jan 1862 and was buried in Colusa, Hancock, Illinois. Abigail remarried on 30 Nov 1862 to Liverius Barker. She passed away 12 Jan 1899 and was buried with her husband, George.



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