My Kennaley line begins and ends, it seems, with David Kennaley. As of yet, I’ve been unable to jump back across the “pond” and locate his family in Ireland.

He was born in 1818, possibly in County Cork, Ireland. In 1840, he left for America from Cobh, Cork, Ireland on a ship named the Governor Douglass. He arrived in New York, NY on 24 Apr 1840. On the ship manifest, there are listed a few more Kennaley’s: Edward: b. 1806-?; Thomas: b. 1812-?; and Daniel: b. 1816-?. I believe these are David’s older brother’s as you’ll see below, some of his children share the same names. In 1848, he married Hanorah Murphy, and the pair soon headed west.

They settled in Garryowen, Jones County, IA where the above Kennaley’s lived and there they had six children. Margaret: b. 1849-?; David: b. 1851-?; Thomas: b. 1856-?; Jeremiah Joseph: b. 24 Mar 1858-21 May 1941 Ida Grove, Ida, IA; and William: b. 24 Mar 1858-?.

In September of 1858, with two babies and four young children at home, David was murdered while mowing his lawn. He was buried in Garryowen, Jones, IA.

After the trial, Hanorah was forced to move her family further west. Because she did not remarry, I imagine life had to have been difficult. Alone, she raised their six children, lived as a pauper, and eventually lived with and relied n her children. She died on 15 Jan 1908 and was buried in Neola, IA.

Kennaley Coat of Arms


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