A Note from the Past…

A Note from the Past…

Playing in the hallway one day, your kids accidentally bump into your grandfather clock, which has been in the family for years. As it smashes into the ground, you find a note hidden inside from your great grandfather, who died two months after you were born. Strangely enough, the note is addressed to you….

As the sound of the crash echoed throughout the quietness of the house, my stomach knotted with fear. I rushed down the hallway to discover my boys standing silently beside the wreckage of what had been my family heirloom: a grandfather clock. My knees went weak at the sight of the splinters of wood and the cracked clock face and I crumpled to the floor. Continue reading “A Note from the Past…”


Westward, Ho!

The drive west was taking longer than she expected. Hours had passed since she had first mentally-checked her luggage while filling the gas tank of her car in the early morning light, before she flipped on the blinker and pulled out onto the open highway. The landscape, so flat and dull passed by in a blur of endless miles. It seemed that she would never reach her destination. Continue reading “Westward, Ho!”


Spring Awakening


It happened suddenly and all at once. The stab and the thud of the first painful heartbeat. The tingling of her extremities as blood warmed and coursed through her veins. Flowed like the very river where she had lain, frozen, white and cold, her only blanket the golden and crisp fallen leaves of the season past. They clung desperately to her chilled skin, releasing only as the rash of goose flesh raced from her head to her toes. She wiggled them, one by one, until the stinging faded. Continue reading “Spring Awakening”

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Bravery vs Cowardice


For the past month, I’ve been experiencing the horrors of The Civil War. From reading to researching to writing, it’s been a constant on my mind. And, what I thought would be a brief section of manuscript to write, has developed into something I never expected. Continue reading “Bravery vs Cowardice”

Genealogy, Sutliff, Writing


Last week was filled with Christmas shopping, errands, life, and best of all: family celebrations. Even still, I managed to accomplish my 200 words a day minimum challenge and that feels so wonderful. I’m so thankful to have discovered the write chain challenge. This is exactly what I needed to remain inspired and motivated to finish this first draft of my latest WIP. And this week is going to be much of the same. Last minute gifts, Christmas cards, meal planning and more celebrations planned. But writing is also scheduled each day and is equally important.  Continue reading “Scars”



I’ve been dragging my heels.

It’s been a week of dual deaths and even though I know little of this character (and truthfully, I began researching him as I was writing this week) I wasn’t looking forward to killing him. From family research, I knew his basics: birth, family, marriage, children, death. I knew he had served the Union in the Civil War.

And I knew he did not survive. Continue reading “War”



Day 05 of my Write Chain challenge! These past few days have been wonderful, spending a few moments each night with my manuscript and I’m looking forward to spending the coming weeks and months writing. I found this bracelet on Pinterest while browsing researching this weekend, and it sums up my feelings entirely. Each day, I long for and look forward to returning home and returning to writing, and at the end of the night, it’s what I look back upon and smile.  Continue reading “Forgiveness”


NaNoWriMo: Week 4

November has come and gone and with it, NaNoWriMo has come to its end. How did you fare? Did you meet your goal? Are you eagerly anticipating the editing stage?

After last week’s update, I’m sure you can guess that I did not meet my own lofty goal I set in my Week 1 update.

I ended the evening of November 30th with a total word count of 22, 186.  Continue reading “NaNoWriMo: Week 4”


NaNoWriMo: Week 3


Week 3…that was a thing.

I’m half-tempted to scratch this whole NaNoWriMo idea. Like last week, I didn’t get any writing accomplished. After my one night of reflecting upon the full moon, I found myself simply wanting to hole up inside my house and never leave. Never speak to another soul again.

Between filling out mortgage applications and multiple phone calls and emails about said mortgage application; running errands; and generally feeling stressed and run down, I was counting my blessings on typing up a few sentences for my blog posts. And spending the rest of the time soaking in hot baths, reading and escaping into my self-care world. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo: Week 3”