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Library Displays: November 2017

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Library Displays

Library Displays: Summer Reading Program 2017

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do all things with kindness

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Young Adult Book Display

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Our Summer Reading Program is nearing its end. It always feels like the 4th of July is the end of summer at the library. Our shelves empty out in May and June and like a rush, everything returns the first week of July in anticipation of school. So now that things are beginning to calm down, it’s the perfect time to share all of the Summer Reading displays that we created!

While the bulletin board debuted in May, it’s held up surprisingly well. I was a little worried the weight of the 3D tubes would pull against the backing but nothing has taken a tumble. (Yet being the key word!) It has just a few more weeks to go so fingers crossed it’ll make it!

This year, our Summer Reading Program theme was “Build A Better World” which, at first stumped me. But as I pondered on all the ways we could indeed build a better world, I realized I had so many options at my disposal. From careers and relationships to community and environment and even architecture, there are so many ways to better the world. But first and foremost, bettering the world begins with one simple word: YOU. We created the Summer Reading Program banner with the six key points and listed the various ways to make the world a better place and it’s the first thing you see upon entering the library. (The photos are deceptively dark because of the lighting. I promise, our library isn’t pitch black!)

Additionally, I saw a similar post on Pinterest that stated “Do all things with kindness” and I loved the simplicity of that message. The wall above circulation seemed the best place to hang a poster related to kindness, because, who among us doesn’t need more kindness in their lives?

The display case contained the annual supply of prizes for promotion. This year, kids and teens chose from a selection of colorful bags, their choice of a book, and coupons to places around town, including two vouchers to a baseball game! Even adults were able to get on the prize train this year with a coupon to Chipotle restaurants and their choice of a free book while supplies lasted!

My favorite part of the Summer Reading Program display? The book bridge! I was stuck on what to do here throughout June and July and as I was searching for ideas, a coworker of mine suggested a banner of books bridging divides. The thought of books as a bridge mulled in the back of my mind for a few days until the idea of creating a physical book bridge came to mind. I tried searching Pinterest and Google for inspiration but couldn’t find anything that I liked. Perhaps this book bridge is the first of its kind? Welcome to the world, book bridge! I had a lot of help from coworkers from the actual design of the bridge, to the woodworking, and finding an image that we liked. And while it isn’t complete in the sense that I had wanted to include suspension cables of some sort (perhaps next time you make an appearance, bridge) I’m still awed by it every day.

For the Young Adult Book Display I really wanted to display books by authors outside of the US. But after further investigation, I found this was an extremely difficult task to complete. So I settled for books that discussed diversity. I love the banner that fits so nicely with this topic too. Because the best way to grow empathy and compassion is by reading and learning about other cultures and life-experiences. Best of all? I’ve had to refill the wall three separate times!

August displays are in the works! There’s also a very strong theme coming along with them. One tied to a historical event. Any guesses as to what it might be?

Brianna Audrey Wright