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Book Reviews: March 2017

 I read a surprising amount of books in March, considering everything crazy that was happening in my life. But reading to me is a perfect way to relax. And it’s especially wonderful when reading interesting and enjoyable books! A coworker of mine told me about The Fifth Petal, suggesting I read it as it sounded like something I would be interested in. She was absolutely right. When I found out who the author was, I was extremely excited because the book, “The Lace Reader” had been on my “to-read” list for years! As The Fifth Petal is a semi-sequel to The Lace Reader, I’ll began my month of reviews there. Continue reading “Book Reviews: March 2017”


Spring Awakening


It happened suddenly and all at once. The stab and the thud of the first painful heartbeat. The tingling of her extremities as blood warmed and coursed through her veins. Flowed like the very river where she had lain, frozen, white and cold, her only blanket the golden and crisp fallen leaves of the season past. They clung desperately to her chilled skin, releasing only as the rash of goose flesh raced from her head to her toes. She wiggled them, one by one, until the stinging faded. Continue reading “Spring Awakening”


A New Life ~ A New Leaf ~ A New Blog


It’s never an easy process, is it? We’re such creatures of habit as we go about our daily routines that the simplest derailment of our day can send us over the edge. The fear of the unknown often becomes boundaries and walls that we use to barricade ourselves in our comfortable nests. And yet, change is entirely necessary for us to evolve. There’s a beautiful quote to echo that sentiment:

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

Sometimes we simply have to take that leap of faith and trust that everything will be okay. Because almost always, change is for the better. While it might not always seem like it at first, in my experience, even bad changes have brought about incredible results. And it’s amazing how one change influences another. Continue reading “A New Life ~ A New Leaf ~ A New Blog”

Book Review

Book Reviews: February 2017

With all that’s gone on this month, this post is more of a “To Read” list than a review. Hey, I at least started reading all of these titles…that must account for something, right? And I actually read ONE of them to completion . . . so . . . yeah. Okay. I’m a failure at book reviews this month. Now that the house is DONE (OMG HAPPY DANCE FOR DAYS! I can’t wait to share a post of all we’ve done!) it’s a simple matter of packing and readying it for listing, which will be happening in the next few weeks. So I’m hoping to be able to kick back and spend a bit more time reading once that’s done.

Total side bar: I know that’s a complete pipe dream what with scheduled viewings, meetings, paperwork, and beginning our own hunt for a house, but come on, a girl’s gotta dream!   Continue reading “Book Reviews: February 2017”

Freeman, Genealogy

Freeman Family Photos

Walter Freeman & wife. Melvin, Ethel, and Mrs. Belle Freeman

Recent inquiries into the Freeman family tree made me revisit my archive of photos to see what goodies I had yet to share. While many of the photos below are of my great-great grandmother, Mattie (Freeman) Wildrick, there are a few photos of her siblings and children and grandchildren as well.

While I’m not as familiar with the Freeman line, I’ll list as much as I know. If you have any additional information, I would be happy to hear from you! Continue reading “Freeman Family Photos”

Book Review

Book Reviews: January 2017

This year, I thought a fun addition to the posts of life and writing would be giving a few book reviews. In my day job, there always comes the dreaded question, “I’m looking for a book to read, can you recommend one?” Of course I can, as that’s my job, but that feeling of the floor falling away from my feet is always there. I’ve been trying to be better about branching out into different genres so that I can recommend different types of stories but man, it’s difficult.

I love me a good historical fiction (no bodice-ripping bullshit, please), horror (ghosties, haunted places, psychological thriller), biographies, and non-fiction, especially history, and oddly enough, science. If you like any of those, I’ve got your back with a great recommendation. But for all the rest, my go-to database search is Novelist. You can search titles or authors that you’ve enjoyed and it will give you suggestions and explanations as to why it was suggested whether that was because of similar genres, tone, or writing style.

Continue reading “Book Reviews: January 2017”