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Library Displays: May 2017


Bulletin Board



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Display Case

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End-Cap Display


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display

These ARE the books you're looking for!IMG_7747IMG_7748IMG_7749

Summer is almost upon us and we are busy readying ourselves for our Summer Reading Program. I’m especially jazzed (did you just say jazzed?) about the display that will be going on the Reference Desk because it’s literally the first of it’s kind! I tried my hardest to find some kind of inspiration for a build but it’s going to be all the more special because we’ve had to create it from the ground up. Stay tuned for updates, I promise you won’t want to miss it! In the meantime, here are our May displays!

It was a close race, but Mother Bruce just pulled out a win over Ninja Red Riding Hood! I was so happy because Mother Bruce was my overall pick on my bracket. I just adore that book! Grumpy Bruce who just wants to eat goslings, not raise them! If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, do so immediately. The illustrations and the little jokes on each page are going to make it an instant classic.

You may remember from the March post that we used Golden Sower nominees for our battle. Because

Because I left the Battle of the Books up for two weeks after the winner was announced, and I didn’t want to create a board that would be up for only two weeks, I went ahead and built of Summer Reading bulletin board two weeks early. When I learned that our theme for 2017 would be “Build A Better World” I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate gears into that. I found this on Pinterest and used it for inspirations. I searched gear templates and found a few patterns that I really liked and printed them off on yellow, green, and blue card stock. Thanks to volunteer help for cutting out all the gears! And thanks to great coworkers for bringing me a variety of cylinders so that it would be 3D! I really love how the tabs at the back of the cylinders add another layer of dimension to the board. I also layered gears upon gears for that purpose too. I just love how well it all turned out! I was really concerned with the added weight of the cylinders tugging at the backboard paper, but it’s all held really well. Fingers crossed that it stays looking that good until July 31st!

It’s been raining soo much here this spring! This banner was the perfect addition above the circulation desk. I love the little gray and black rain drops beneath the raining cloud and the illustration in the corner. It reminded me of The Night Circus and made me want to reread that fantastic book again!

May is ALS Awareness month and for this display, I teamed up with our Adult Services Librarian. I created the banner and he requested the books and received the pamphlet information along with ALS blue bracelets (which are not pictured because they all found new homes before I took the photo). I’m always really excited whenever anyone asks about the books in the display case, inquiring whether they can be checked out (YES!) and this display did not disappoint. Nearly every book in there was checked out! In the last week that it was up, I noticed someone had even added new items to fill in because it was looking a little barren.

The end-cap display was another team-up with the Youth Services Specialist. Again, I created the poster and we sent a branch email to ask our coworkers to send us their favorite bad movie choices. We borrowed the clapper from another branch and I love how it all looks together. Now, if only someone would check out my pick: “The Private Life of Deer“. I’m sure it’s an excellent documentary, but that cover cracks me up every time!

Ermergerd, I looooved this display! There are no words for how happy it made me. Which is just ridiculous, but I found it hilarious. This was a spot that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until I was going through Pinterest for ideas and came across one I had saved years ago. The past few months, I’ve been decorating this space for our littles who are really drawn to the animals (or muppets) that are on there. And with spring and rain I thought ducks would be the perfect thing!

Last, but definitely not least, our Star Wars display! You can’t do a month of May displays without a May the Fourth! Many thanks to my coworker for cutting out all the neat Star Wars styled snowflakes! That is definitely not in my wheelhouse! I’ve been using Canva to create all the banners and flyers and I really enjoy the program. It’s easy to use and they have tons of gorgeous options for free. You can also upload images in a snap. I follow Canva on Instagram and began to pay attention to the paint chip posts where they would link the color code to use. Well turns out, Canva has a color generator! You simply upload the photo you want to use and it draws the colors and gives you a list of options that you can copy and paste into your project! Genius! I also made a stack of Wookie bookmarks that were available on May the Fourth and in every book on the YA Book Display. They were gone in a flash.

All right guys, that’s it for May!
School’s just about out and the fun is about to begin!


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