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Library Displays: April 2017

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peanut butter jelly

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Young Adult Book Display

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We’re coming to the end of our Battle of the Books and there have definitely been some surprises along the way! Nearly every round, there has been a tie that we’ve had to break. And with our most recent round, I had the ballots ready for the last battle when a whole slew of ballots were found inside a bucket for votes for the actual pick for Golden Sower wins and it turned the whole board on its head. As staff, we filled out brackets picking our winners and there’s only a few of us left in the running. Come on, Mother Bruce!

When I was looking at unique holidays for April, I discovered that April 2nd is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. April also holds National Library Week and so I combined the two to create the banner above circulation. And that graphic is so darn cute! I had to use it!

I spied the “self check out” on Pinterest forever ago, and because I was working April 1st I thought it would be a silly, yet adorable display. The Easter Egg Hunt was recreated with items from last year’s bulletin board to advertise our 2nd annual hunt. We had an incredible turnout – doubling our numbers from last year!

I received most of the items for our display case display on autism from PACE, a wonderful organization that assists people with autism in finding a job as well as job training. While the items inside the case didn’t check out, all the goodies on top were gone within a matter of days, so I’ll take that as a win.

I had it in my mind that April was Green Month. It’s not, so far as I can tell from my quick holiday searches, but it does contain Earth Day and Arbor Day and the library’s programming calendar lists it as Green Month so I decided to keep to that theme anyway. I found the Kermit graphic as well as the Earth Day graphic and I love the way it all came together. Our children’s librarian dug through our bin of stuffed animals where she found a stuffed Kermit and added him to the desk. I’m not a big fan of The Muppets, but I have to admit, it is fun to see all the kids rush over to the desk to poke the desk Kermit or to grab the stuffed Kermit. And I’m especially excited for what’s going on this space for May!

Which brings me to one of my favorite displays. I wasn’t sure what to do on this book display board for April. It’s Poetry Month, but my last year display did not go over well and I didn’t want a repeat. But, I thought it would be neat to go through old magazines and chop up words to place out for our teens to create their own poetry. Once I had the sign done for the Poetry Creation Station, I found a color scheme to create the banner for the book display. I settled on Rainy Day Reads, but then the dilemma arrived as to what books I would pick. When I thought of rainy day reads, the idea of snuggling up with a warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket as the rain pelted the window brought to mind mysteries and horror. And so I went through our catalog and ordered all the recently published mysteries and horror I could get my hands on. This display has been really well received. I refilled it twice with the books I ordered, and I had to pull more books this past week in order to fill additional spots! I don’t typically read YA but even I thought a few of these titles sounded enticing and may just end up on my “to read” list.

The first of my May displays are going live later this week! Stay tuned for updates!

Brianna Audrey Wright


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