Library Displays

Library Displays: March 2017

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Happy Birthday, Nebraska!


After the success of the Battle of the Books during last year’s Summer Reading Program I thought it would be fun to repeat it during March Madness. This time, I chose books from Nebraska’s Golden Sower award nomination list. Yet even though the books were all available for reading, the ballot results have been less than what I expected. It’s still fun to see the choices and progression of winners! Staff requested that I create a bracket so that we could all choose our winners and it’ll be exciting to see if any of us pick the right one.

This month, I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. So in conversation with a co-worker, she suggested a few that I happily jumped on! The first was the saying about the Circulation Desk. Because who doesn’t love Pi Day?!

The next idea I stole from her was to do the springtime lion and lamb on the Reference Desk. The past few months, I’ve noticed the kids are drawn to the graphics I’ve placed there so I did a search for toddler appealing images. I was especially pleased to find this lion and corresponding lamb. I love these little guys so much! They look like something that would appear on a child’s mobile. And we even had a kid in who ran over to the desk, poked at the lamb and “baah’ed” at it! It was adorable!

I originally had a different banner to use for National Craft Month, but then my manager shared with me the wonders of Canva. While it does have a subscription option, it has a ton of free items that can be used to create a variety of documents. They have beautiful graphics and updated fonts which I love. Between Canva and Publisher, I feel like I can better create more appealing displays.

The same applied to the young adult book display. Originally, I created a rainbow but it looked extremely juvenile. When I found the beautiful image on Canva, I knew it was going to be a lot more appealing to our teens. And the display went over much better than I expected. I ended up refilling it three times!

This March, we also celebrated Nebraska’s 150th birthday! I had thrown out the idea of better using our endcaps as display sites and so between the two of us, we created a simple display to showcase books about Nebraska history or books by Nebraska authors. While it hasn’t done as well as I had hoped, it’s also a brand new concept that I’m sure will catch on quickly.

Most of my April displays are already live with the last few going up this week. I can’t wait to share with you the images and response!

Brianna Audrey Wright


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