Library Displays

Library Displays: February 2017

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Ah, here we are all again. Another February display on the books. And another year of minimal Valentine’s Day decor. One of our roving officers stopped by a few weeks ago and took one look at the bulletin board, circulation and reference desk, was like, “But where are all the hearts?”

So fun fact: this bulletin was all my own creation. It came to me in a dream one night. No, seriously, it did. The library angels of displays came down and played harp music. Rat Pack style. So possibly these angels were more like demons, smoking, drinking, and having not so secret gangster connections. Anyway, I love Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon” and I thought the lyrics would make a great Valentine’s board. In fact, as I was tacking up the letters, I became so confused because I ended up with a “d”, an “l”, an “a” and a “y” and I realized that the “d” was really a “p” and I had actually typed and printed the REAL word “play” instead of “read”. Whoops! My bad. But an easy fix.

I really wanted to use this image as a border across the top, but I couldn’t see printing that much black ink off just to make a banner. So I cropped out the darling moon (it has eyebrows!) and just re-created the letters as best I could using MS Publisher. This board also gave me the perfect opportunity to reuse the stars from the January circulation banner for New Year’s.

 We’re scheduled for some painting so I’ve been trying to keep the banner above the circulation desk simple and easy to remove, as we’re not really sure when the painter will return. It feels a little too boring to me, but eh. Sometimes the best displays are the simplest.

After the enormous success of last year’s Oscars display, I decided to recreate it. Last year, so many movies were developed from books, but with the waitlist at that time, it was impossible to get a copy to use for display. So this year, I bundled the book and the movie together. Also, I couldn’t say goodbye to the fireplace! Not yet!

Of all the displays, it was the reference desk that gave me the most grief this month. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find cute mitten graphics! Impossible doesn’t even begin to describe it. I knew I wanted to use pink and blue as colors but all I could find were mittens that looked like they came from a crappy early 90s cartoon. Somehow, in one of my many searches, I stumbled upon this image which, unfortunately, was covered in copyright, even though it was listed for noncommercial reuse. Go figure.

I had so much fun and I ❤ creating this book display! The whole thing was designed around that sassy little owl. He’s so unenthused. Instead of lovey-dovey books, I used a variety of titles that have been recently published. I wanted each title to be different the next. My favorite? Katelyn Ogden blowing up. So romantic.

The March displays will begin making their appearance next week at the library. I’m super excited for the bulletin board and the reference desk. I had a bit of a struggle coming up with ideas but thankfully, a coworker offered suggestions that I immediately jumped on. I’m so thankful too! They’re completely different than anything I’ve created and I really excited to see and share the finished product.


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