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Freeman Family Photos

Recent inquiries into the Freeman family tree made me revisit my archive of photos to see what goodies I had yet to share. While many of the photos below are of my great-great grandmother, Mattie (Freeman) Wildrick, there are a few photos of her siblings and children and grandchildren as well.

While I’m not as familiar with the Freeman line, I’ll list as much as I know. If you have any additional information, I would be happy to hear from you!

Melvin & Ethel Freeman (Half brother and sister of Mattie (Freeman) Wildrick

After Mattie’s mother, Rhoda (Edwards) Freeman passed away, Mattie’s father, William, married again, to a woman named Losia Belle Jamison. With his second wife, William had three more children: Claude Melvin, b. 1887; Bertha Ethel, b. 1890; and Losia. Pictured here, Melvin and Ethel in a photo taken in Blue Mound, Kansas, which is where the family moved to following William and Losia’s wedding. I’d place the date of this photo in the late 1890s-early 1900s. Ethel appears to be about seven which would make Melvin around ten or eleven.

Melvin Freeman (Mattie (Freeman) Wildrick’s half-brother

That hair! I love this picture of Claude Melvin strictly because this young man is rocking such a ballsy hairdo. He appears to be late teens – early twenties so this was probably taken sometime around 1905-1910.

Walter Freeman & wife. Melvin, Ethel, and Mrs. Losia Freeman

Walter is a younger brother to Mattie and one I know little about. I believe his wife’s name was Iva or Ida but I’m not sure who the child is sitting between Walter and his step-mother, Losia Freeman. In the background, Melvin (still rocking that, albeit a bit more tame, awesome haircut!) and Ethel. Everyone’s face looks so stoic, as most Victorian photos appear, but it surprises me, given the earlier photo taken of Melvin and Ethel with their darling smiles. Melvin appears much as he does in the previous photo so I would place this photo as taken around the same time between 1905-1910.

Mattie (Freeman) Wildrick

I have a difficult time pegging a year range when this photo would’ve been taken. It’s similar in style to the one below it where it fades away into white, which is also similar to a wedding photo I have for a different set of 2x great-grandparents which took place in 1899. Based on that, I would say it’s probably a pretty close bet that these photos were both taken around that time, or perhaps, a handful of years before. Because Mattie was married in 1897, I would guess these were taken sometime between 1890-1895. Mattie looks a little older in the second photo than in the first, but that may be simply because the second photo is more defined and colorful. But the clothing styles are also very similar. Any guesses?

Velma Wildrick and Rhoda (Wildrick) Mcmullin’s three oldest children

I love this photo so, so much. The shy smiles on the children’s face seem like a such a rarity in old photos. At first glance, I thought it was a photo of my great-grandfather, Freeman Wildrick and his siblings. But as I examined the children, I realized that wasn’t possible. Also a good clue: the wonderful labeling on the back that explained all. This is of Mattie’s daughter Velma and three of Rhoda’s children. Rhoda was Mattie and George Wildrick’s eldest, and when she married, Velma lived with her. Seated beside Velma is Mattie’s namesake, Mattie McMullin. Standing is Grant Mcmullin and on Velma’s lap is Nellie.

I’ve been so focused on my writing of the first draft of my current WIP that genealogy has been placed on a back-burner, yet this post reminded me once again of my love and passion for family research. I’m so excited to find more to share with you.


6 thoughts on “Freeman Family Photos”

  1. Freeman Wildrick is my uncle.Velma is my mother I have Wildrick genealogy book… you can reach me at the Salvation Army in Port Arthur Texas.. Please get in touch!

  2. Brianna, what great information and the picture! The picture is of my grandmothers sister, Velma and my aunt Mattie, Nellie and Uncle Grant! Do you have any other pictures of Rhoda Wildrick McMullin and/or her other children? I’m looking in particular for my father, Andrew McMullin. I know when we were younger, my brother traveled with my Grsndma Rhoda and met Velma in Arkansas!

    1. Hi Rosanna, so nice to meet you! I don’t believe I have any other photos of the Freemans or relatives. However, I do have a few envelopes of photographs that I plan on organizing and digitizing this winter. If I find anything I’ll be sure to share!

      1. Brianna, thanks…..I will continue my search. I’ll see what treasures you post in the winter.

  3. These pictures are amazing ! Thanks for sharing. Mattie is my Great great Grandmother and Velma is my Great Grandmother. I really enjoyed talking with Great Grandma Velma. She always cracked me up. Thanks so much for sharing. ♡ Angela Jones Fleming

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