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Library Displays: December 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Okay, I had to re-write this post. My original one was so “meh” about everything and when I read through it before publication, I was like, “Oh my god, girl. You CANNOT post such a ‘meh’ post when Christmas is concerned!” But the weather in Nebraska had been extremely mild (thank you, climate change) until it became brutally cold, so it hasn’t really feel like Christmas. With all that’s going on in getting my house ready for sale and the idea of having to pack and stow all my belongings in storage, I didn’t feel like setting up a tree this year. Granted, with candles and cozy throws and pillows, my home is still where I long to be on the rare chilly day, but Christmas? I wasn’t feelin’ it.

That is, until the first weekend of December when I worked my Saturday and enjoyed the beautiful sounds of harp music and the snow began to fall, and I was suddenly feeling all the Christmas feels!

The bulletin board was my sole creation, born of my mind and not mashed up from Pinterest. I don’t know why, but the idea of Olive the Other Reindeer kept popping into my head so I decided to go with it. It’s already a cute play on words so as I repeated “Olive” trying to come up with a saying, I settled on the above phrase. I found this darling graphic of Olive and the rest went down into history (Rudolph pun!). I framed the bulletin board with a few springs of holly for an added holiday touch and though it’s simple, I love the way it came together. I’ve even heard a few kids say, “It’s Olive!” and that’s always a good feeling.

 I was so excited by the pattern I used to create the letters for the banner above the circulation desk, but upon printing realized that the colors were too faint and they quickly disappeared into the limoncello wall. Sad face. Sure, I could take them down and outline the letters or reprint on a darker pattern, but, meh. That’s a lot of work for something that will be coming down in a matter of weeks. Possibly even sooner as we’re getting a mini makeover! I’m so excited to share what color will be going up there!

I had so much fun creating this “fireplace”. Measuring the brick-face and piecing it all together, especially reusing that fantastic “fire” that a volunteer created for me two years ago, really fanned my own creative flame. And piece by piece it came together. I attached the brick-face and put the brown paper down in the case and added the books, but it looked like something was missing. So I found the red and green ornament background and created the sign “Warm up with a Great Book!” but it still didn’t look right. It wasn’t until a co-worker asked if I was going to be putting any stockings on the fireplace that I realized what was missing. Once I had the stockings hung with care it was complete. I also love how it looks with the Christmas tree beside it!

With so much focus on the display case and the Young Adult book display this year, I knew something was going to slip through the cracks. This month, it was the display on the Reference Desk. I should’ve measured the letters before I printed them because of course, they were waaaaay too big to all fit. The original saying was to be: “I just like to read! Reading’s my favorite!” But once I had the first row of words up, I knew the second was not going to fit. So I shortened it and slapped up Buddy the Elf. Not what I had in mind, but it’s still cute. And kids and adults have stopped to have their photo taken with Buddy which is awesome!

I’m so happy with how this book display turned out. It was the only one that I had planned months ago. As my display last February was a success, I was hopeful that another wrapped surprise would win over readers. What made this all the more fun was I created literally everything used. I found the cute candy tree graphic for the banner and used the colors within the tree as a base for the colors in the wrapping paper. After a few misses in searching, I managed to find five prints I liked and worked well together to use as wrapping paper.

We’re just wrapping up the creation of the January displays so stay tuned for an update! I’m especially excited over the bulletin board.

Merry Christmas!



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