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Last week was filled with Christmas shopping, errands, life, and best of all: family celebrations. Even still, I managed to accomplish my 200 words a day minimum challenge and that feels so wonderful. I’m so thankful to have discovered the write chain challenge. This is exactly what I needed to remain inspired and motivated to finish this first draft of my latest WIP. And this week is going to be much of the same. Last minute gifts, Christmas cards, meal planning and more celebrations planned. But writing is also scheduled each day and is equally important. 

While I’ve left the Civil War (still researching Iowa Infantry men and currently reading March by Geraldine Brooks) I’ve now entered the territory of Reconstruction and what that would’ve meant for men returning home to their lives, wives, and families. After witnesses the horrors of war, I can’t imagine any of the many brave souls returned entirely as they left. The close combat, the canons, surely would’ve disfigured and maimed many a soldier. And what about the mental stress? PTSD is not a new phenomena. This week, I’ve found myself questioning how soldiers in 1865 would’ve dealt with their scars as they attempted to resume normal life after war.

That’s the thing about scars. Whether they’re blemishes upon flesh or something far deeper and unseen, we all carry our own burden. The difficult thing is to learn to move beyond the scar. To overcome obstacles. To remain vulnerable. To trust. To love. To accept.

Even more difficult? Watching someone you love fight to escape their demons, their scars, but being unable to help. And what a scar that must leave upon the viewer…

Days 12-18: 1,546

TOTAL: 27,330

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