Day 05 of my Write Chain challenge! These past few days have been wonderful, spending a few moments each night with my manuscript and I’m looking forward to spending the coming weeks and months writing. I found this bracelet on Pinterest while browsing researching this weekend, and it sums up my feelings entirely. Each day, I long for and look forward to returning home and returning to writing, and at the end of the night, it’s what I look back upon and smile. 

Today, I wanted to share a few lines that I worked on this past weekend. One of the strongest themes of my WIP is that of forgiveness. In researching this branch of my family tree, the one thing that has resonated with me, is how eerily history can, and does, repeat itself. It’s something I find myself spending much of my time wondering upon: whether history is repeated because it’s what one knows, or if it’s repeated because it’s easier to return to a cycle of destruction rather than forgive.

It’s a theme that each of my characters processes differently, and as such, it’s allowed me greater insight into my own beliefs and ideas regarding forgiveness. It’s shown me how important it is to forgive others, but also how important it is to forgive yourself. To find compassion and to show compassion. Because it’s only when we forgive that we can find peace.

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