NaNoWriMo: Week 3


Week 3…that was a thing.

I’m half-tempted to scratch this whole NaNoWriMo idea. Like last week, I didn’t get any writing accomplished. After my one night of reflecting upon the full moon, I found myself simply wanting to hole up inside my house and never leave. Never speak to another soul again.

Between filling out mortgage applications and multiple phone calls and emails about said mortgage application; running errands; and generally feeling stressed and run down, I was counting my blessings on typing up a few sentences for my blog posts. And spending the rest of the time soaking in hot baths, reading and escaping into my self-care world.

I did sit down on Saturday with a stack of research papers and my writing notebook to try and make sense of a murder trial that is making an appearance in my WIP. So I count that as win in my book.

And that’s why I’m not good at NaNoWriMo. The point is to sit down and write. Just write. Don’t stop for research. Don’t stop to edit. Don’t. Stop. Writing. It’s fundamentally impossible for me to work that way. While I enjoy the challenge of putting words to paper instead of agonizing over sentence structure or making sure I used just the exact perfect word or phrase, I know when I hit a block in the manuscript I HAVE to press pause and return to my notes and research for clarification.

I’m also in the midst of creating my own version of purgatory for my WIP and so I’ve spent the last few nights in contemplation on how to send each character on their way when I’ve finished with them, as well as end the novel. I had a breakthrough yesterday morning on that front, and again on my lunch break at work, so again, I count that as another win.

Should I make grand proclamations of writing over this Thanksgiving weekend? Why not! Go big, right? With four days off and no plans of joining the masses in their crazed feeding shopping frenzy (because we literally just spent gave thanks and gratitude for what we have only to turn around because we HAVE TO GO SHOPPING!! ALL THE DEALS!!! ….I can’t even with this ideology…) I hope to spend a good deal of time alone with Matilda, the cats, and my manuscript. Sounds like heaven.

I may not make 50,000 but I’m grateful for the progress I have made. And I intend to spend much more time with my writing in the weeks to come. It’s time to make time for what brings me joy.

So 2016 may end up being my last attempt at NaNoWriMo. Cheers to you who can compete and win. I wish you the best as you enter the home stretch.


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