Library Displays

Library Displays: November 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Day of the Dead

 I had so much fun creating November’s displays. Okay, most of that fun revolved around designing this darling owl bulletin board. My inspiration came from this pin but I knew I would make some changes. Namely, the owls. I searched for autumn inspired patterns on Google, found five I liked and thought worked well together. I printed the patterns off and then found an owl template and printed that on the backside of the pattern, cut them out and pieced them together. I was then able to use our Accu-cut machine to cut out small circles and triangles to create their eyes and beaks.

I had this idea that I wanted to use burlap as the background but I wasn’t sure if we had any. I sent an email to our marketing department, who forwarded it to another department, and before I knew it, I received a response with a photo of a pile of burlap. “I’m not sure if this is burlap, but I can send it to you if you’d like.” Um. Yes Please! I just love how it all came together. It made a perfect Thanksgiving/autumn board.

After my failed attempts at “I read dead people” I wanted to bring it back to basics for fall. I had some extra leaves leftover from the bulletin board so I placed a few around the saying. Just in case. 😉

I joked to a coworker that the display case was my not-so-subtle attempt to push my “vegan agenda” to others. Zoom in on that delicious Vegan Holiday cookbook cover. (Ha ha ha!) To be honest, when I found the clipart turkey making Donald Trump hands, I knew I had a winner.

Taking the witch down was a sad day. What was going to take her place? I ended up using Thanksgiving as reference to create a candy corn pennant banner and the “sweet as pumpkin pie” phrase. I love the added touch of the pumpkin flower arrangement too.

I was a little stumped on what to do for the book display. With all the food and eating, I decided to go with a display of non-fiction titles to “feed your brain”. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over, but I ended up re-filling it twice. So I’ll call it a success.

For our second Day of the Dead display, we chose to honor children’s author, Anna Dewdney, the creator of the Llama Llama series. I was a little nervous about setting it up in the children’s area, but I was surprised at how respectful everyone was to our altar. People stopped to read about the Day of the Dead as well as Anna Dewdney’s obituary. I placed a few of her books on the altar as well available for check out, and a stand of activity sheets for the kids.

Between the holidays this month and multiple meetings, I actually began working on the December displays a few weeks ago.  I strongly believe in allowing each holiday it’s time in the light, so what we’ve been working on has been hidden away until December 1st. I’m super excited about the reappearance of a certain Elf…

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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