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Library Displays: October 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Ah, October. The month of creating the easiest displays ever. It’s one of the few months where I struggle to narrow down which displays to create. This year, the displays were really based around one display: the reference desk. When I was browsing Pinterest, I found this display and thought it was so adorable, I knew I had to recreate it! From there, everything else came together.

Keeping with the witch theme, the bulletin board was inspired by this display. Although, I wanted something a little more library in nature. A clipart search on Google brought just what I was looking for. Initially, the cauldron and the smiling pumpkins rounded out the display, but it felt like something was missing. I pulled up my saved bat template from last year, and placed a few on the board. But still, it needed something else. My October 2014 bulletin board was of a spiderweb with a large spider hanging from the ceiling. Although my spider needed some work (leg problems) I thought he made the perfect addition to the spooky story time board.

When I saw this display, I knew I wanted to create that for the banner above the desk. Spooky, gory, and a perfect blend of books and movies. How could I go wrong? Unfortunately, it was very, very wrong. I can’t count the number of times people have read the banner with a confused look upon their face and we’ve had to explain the meaning. The movie, The Sixth Sense? I see dead people? No? Okay…sad face. On the bright side, that means people are still using the library as a library should be used: for reading!

Originally, the display case was going to house Edgar Allen Poe for a few weeks before I set up our Day of the Dead display, but because of who we’ve chosen to honor this year, I thought a different spot would work better. The display case then became the perfect place to showcase recently published horror novels. In fact, as I was setting it up, I had Gillian Flynn’s “The Grownup” front and center and a patron saw it and commented that she didn’t know Gillian Flynn had another book and asked if she could take it. Of course! I ❤ when people take notice of my displays!

By far, the reference desk is my favorite display this month. But with just the witch’s feet and the books, I felt that the desk looked a little bare. I searched for days for a quote from The Wizard of Oz or about witches and reading and was thoroughly stumped. I went about putting together the other displays and finally returned to the reference desk the first week of October. By then, my mind had cleared, and broadened my horizons to include Wicked. From there, the saying popped into my mind. I typed up the letters, cut them out and slapped them on the desk. So many people have stopped to say how adorable it is or how funny it is. I think having displays like that make people pause and have a smile or a laugh is such an important part of making a library feel welcoming and like “home”.

Which brings us to the Young Adult Display. Which seems to cause a small breakdown within me each year at this time, starting with the 2014 display. That year things got ugly fast. The octopus arms looked all wrong to me and overall, I was really unhappy with what I had imagined in my mind and wanted to rip it off the wall. But I digress. This year, I had tried requesting long black paper to cover the display board to create a coffin. However, I learned that we’re out of black paper until next year. Soo… on to plan B. Which was attempting to make a coffin outline with 8.5 x 11 sheets of black paper. And that was a big flop. Wow. I’m so glad there are no pictures of that! Because the book display area is square, the coffin outline looked terrible and shaped all wrong. I was about to scratch the whole idea and find something else when a coworker suggested I make tombstones instead. A lightbulb clicked in my mind and I quickly went for black paper and gray paper. A couple sheets taped together, I sheared out a few variations of tombstones and a few wisps of fog, printed off my original letters for the coffin and slapped it all together. A few twists of black, white, and orange crepe paper and the display was complete. While we have troubles reaching out to our teen patrons with programs, they do check out quite a few of our books. I’ve had to refill this display three times and I had to request additional titles!

I started working on November’s displays this past week at work and I’m so excited to share with you the finished displays. The bulletin board is one I’m especially looking forward to seeing in its finished form.


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