Library Displays

Library Displays: September 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Some month the displays surprise my by how easily they all come together and share a common theme. This month, that theme was Super Heroes. Just like I did last November in advertising our Princess Party, I decided to do the same for our upcoming Super Hero Party. We are even having a few Super Hero guests attending as well! It should be a great time for all.

The Reference Desk was an easy place to display this idea that I found months ago. So many little kids have come in and said, “Ah, look! Spiderman!” and it always makes me smile. I find so much enjoyment in creating these displays that it’s great to know others enjoy them just as much!

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month and, just like last year, I decided to use the ALA created banner. But, like last year, I had difficulty in getting it to the size that I wanted. So I chose to use the same wording and found a similar image of Joe Cool and then a co-worker suggested I add our library cards. Genius! I love how it turned out!

September is also our Omaha Reads book selection and this year the titled selected was “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. I have heard nearly all good things about this book and even though I’ve checked it out about three or four times, I can never get past about page ten. It’s still on my “to-read” list so maybe one day this winter I can sit down and it’ll grab my attention.

For my third annual Banned Book display, I was struggling a bit with what to do. Until I saw the posters for Banned Book week by the ALA. More super heroes! Since I’ve started doing this display annually, I’ve been trying to find a variety of books rather than display the same titles again and again. So this year, I decided to include a few kids books and I created the “Banned” bookmark and included the reason as to why the book was banned or challenged. My favorite? A tie between “Hop on Pop” which of course promotes violence against fathers (a-doy) or “Brown Bear Brown Bear” by Bill Martin Jr. which was banned because a different author with a similar name (Bill Martin) was a known Marxist and wrote a book about Marxism. Because, why get the facts straight at all?


2 thoughts on “Library Displays: September 2016”

  1. Love it! Which library is this at? I volunteer at a library here in Austin and noticed it was banned book week. Yay! I think, of all the ones they had on display, I’ve read most. I’ll have to get myself a banned book list and be sure to complete them all.

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