Library Displays

Library Displays: August 2016

Battle of the Books Winner!




Bulletin Board




Display Case


Young Adult Book Display


We’ve just finished our Summer Reading Program for 2016! School is starting in a matter of weeks but that doesn’t mean the fun of summer has to end! I wanted to keep an easy, breezy vibe going through August before we turn serious and focused once more.

I have to say, the Battle of the Books really surprised me. Chicka Chicka defeating Pigeon and Hungry Caterpillar blew my mind. I remember reading Chicka Chicka as a child, but I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about it. I always found it to be a boring book. I had put my full support behind Bear. It beat Thomas and Clifford and I really thought it was the dark horse that could. However, the Crayons won, and the “battle” wasn’t much of a battle. Crayons won by a lot.

Olaf has made a return for summer! I’ve loved using this little guy this year! (See here and here.) His silly smiling face makes me so happy. I mean, what else does a snowman do in summer?

I wanted to include a little more Olympic color this month, as we’re now in the midst of the Rio Olympics. So I Olmypic’d the saying above the circulation desk. The rings I created from book covers are still hanging on (barely) the reference desk. The first week of August, a black book cover went missing. Which really bugs my perfectionist nature. Why people can’t teach their children to keep their hands to themselves I’ll never understand. But I digress.

I ❤ this display so, so, so much. From the cloud banner to the map to the darling little suitcases. Books are the cheapest way to travel and for one with a serious case of the travel bug (hands in the air!) they’re a perfect way to escape.

The Young Adult book display has been up for a few weeks now, and I’ve had to refill it nearly every day. I only ordered in 2 titles for each category and I’ve had to place another order for additional titles. Which is always awesome to have a YA display that’s that popular!

Even though August should be my favorite as it’s my birthday month, (and I shouldn’t wish away the warmth because cold winter days will be here before we know it) I am more than ready for the crispy days of fall. The cicadas have begun their sad song and my kitties are keeping the crickets at bay. Better enjoy what little is left of summer!


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