They Looked Like Rubes, But They Had The Cash, By Heck!

In researching the West Coast Wildricks, as they shall now be called, I found the above headline and burst immediately into laughter. That headline, by heck!


The below article was dated 12 June 1908 and came from the Los Angeles Herald, which can be accessed online here.


I have yet to confirm if the J.A. Wildrick in the article is James Albert in my tree, but I have a strong suspicion they are one in the same. Other newspaper articles I’ve found (and plan to share) list J.A.¬†either in areas I’ve known him to be based on census records, or list additional family members.

I found this article interesting on multiple levels.

First, it’s¬†hilarious. Rubes. Supercilious. “mebbe”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Second, J.A. and his companion, Alec Duncan are like the original hillbillies, going into Los Angeles in their outdated duds (the battered straw hat that was in vogue during President Grant’s term) while they throw down $1000 to pay bill.

Third, the article ends with the reason as to why Duncan and Wildrick are in Los Angeles, yet I can find no other mention of the case or trial. And I’ve tried searching it every which way I can think of. Duncan. Mountain View Ranch. Veysset. Nothing. I have a feeling that this is probably because it was either settled out of court, or dropped entirely as I did find an article dated from March 1910 where F. Veysset sued his own nephew. Sounds like a super nice guy.

Just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. Or a man by his corncob pipe.



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