Downtown Sioux Falls

I’m a sucker for historical markers. When I spy one of those markers with an arrow pointing the way, I gladly go miles out of my way to see what I might learn. It’s a trait I picked up from my grandparents, from my parents, and it’s a trait I’m hopeful will pass on to my future generations.

This past weekend, my folks and I traveled to Sioux Falls where we met my brother and his girlfriend for a Gordon Lightfoot concert at their Washington Pavilion. While we’ve been to Sioux Falls a number of times visiting with my brother (it’s about a 5 hour drive for them and about 3 for me) seeing their falls, the zoo, and various museums, we had yet to visit their downtown area.

1| if you don’t know who Gordon Lightfoot is, start your education with this song. Then move on to whatever album you fancy because they’re all beautiful.

2| the Washington Pavilion is such a gorgeous building. It used to be the Washington High School before the city outgrew it and so it was renovated and repurposed as a fantastic locale for Arts and Sciences. The theater was breathtaking. I wish I had had the sense to take a picture of the inside but I was too busy absorbing everything. It’s brick and wood and perfect. They’re currently doing renovations outside and appear to be installing a sculpture garden. I hope to return for more concerts and musicals and see what they’ve created.

Washington Pavilion


Calvary Cathedral

We decided to go downtown early to find parking, so my mom and I walked around a few blocks, enjoying the sights. South of the Pavilion is this beautiful cathedral, which, unfortunately has a hideous modern tower marring the sky behind it. We both want to return and visit the church to see the historic crosses that reside within.


South Side of Washington Pavilion

I literally squealed with joy when we got close enough to read this sign. “Oooh! A lady one!”


As we turned to continue our journey, I looked up and saw this amazing carving on the Washington Pavilion.


First Lutheran Church


First Congregational Church

We had parked on on the road in front of the church, and as we left, I looked over and saw the inside was lit up, and the sunburst glowed brightly.


Arc of Peace

There are sculptures all over the downtown area. She stands before the court house, and I struck by the simplistic beauty of this one. The origami cranes in a rainbow of colors. The beautiful words below:

“Peace is not necessarily the absence of war, or something that we need to fight for. Instead it is something that we create with our intentions and send out into the world through our actions and interactions with each other.” – Lorri Acott


Court House


North of the court house were shops, dining, and nightlife that reminded me of the Old Market here in Omaha. Prairie Berry East Bank is only a few blocks away, and while I was hoping we could stop by, they had already closed by the time we arrived downtown. But there’s always next time. I could easily spend a day grabbing a bit to eat with a fantastic glass of wine and wandering through eclectic shops.


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