Library Displays

Library Displays: SRP 2016

Bulletin Board





Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


Our Summer Reading Program theme this year is “On Your Mark, Get Set…READ!” And, while it’s not my favorite theme ever, it was easy to decorate.

One of my co-workers wanted to create a “Battle of the Books” to take place over the course of the summer. She created a list of titles to “battle” each other and I sized and measured the board (so much math!) to know how large each book cover and battle square should be. Every two weeks, the kids receive a new ballot as the titles progress on the board.

The saying above the circulation desk was one I found while perusing Pinterest. I contemplated adding some clip art but I liked the simple phrase alone.

The display case in our lobby was a great spot to promote our summer reading program. I included in the display the prizes: choice of a book, water bottle, coupon sheets, and two vouchers to a local baseball game, along with some general theme colors and art.

I had the most fun putting together the reference desk display. Originally, I had found a template already created online that I attempted to expand and print. However, there were technical difficulties between the computers and printer which prompted me to create my own. I used Goodreads lists to find well-known/popular titles in each specific color, than measured the desk and sized the covers using MS Publisher to create a faux lay-out. (Again, so much math! I never thought I was a math whiz, but now I find it a fun challenge.) With so many sticky little fingers, the hard part will be keeping it in decent condition through August!

The book display was my biggest challenge, so I took the lazy route and simply used the existing theme. However, I soon found out that we had a limited selection of new titles relating to sports. So, I’m remedying that by adding biographies, anthologies, and general sports stories to the mix. Best surprise: they’re checking out more of the non-fiction titles than the fiction.


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