Library Displays

Library Displays: May 2016

Bulletin Board





Display Case




Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display




Aah, the calm before the Summer Reading Program storm. We’ve been getting into gear here at the library for all the reading, programs, and prize-awarding fun!

The bulletin board this month was a variation of my “May the 4th” board from last year. R2-D2 is my favorite Star Wars character because he’s just so friggin sassy all the time. When I spotted this on Pinterest, I knew that was the board for May. I saved the R2-D2 that one of my past volunteers drew so he took center stage. My heart went pitter-patter every time I heard a kid go: AH! It’s Star Wars!

What I thought was going to be the perfect quote to display above the desk turned into a nightmare. I made the letter waaaay too big and so they migrated their way down onto the cabinets as well. And I have to say, it’s not my favorite. The pink is too much and I feel like it looks like a blob falling from the ceiling. But, live and learn!

For most of May, the display case held the Common Soil display from last month. I was waiting for our Summer Reading Program prizes and information so once they arrived I quickly put together a display. Our program is very similar to last year’s: kids, teens and adults need only read for 10 hours and once completed, kids and teens are eligible for a prize pack with their choice of book, water bottle, and coupon sheet to local businesses and two tickets to a Stormchasers baseball game!

The Reference Desk is a slight variation to last month’s display as well. I added the words and a few flowers but kept the book and butterflies.

The graphic novel Young Adult Book Display is one that I’ve wanted to do for some time and I thought May would be a great month for it. Graphic novels are checked out frequently at our branch so it’s been one of the more popular book displays.


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