Library Displays

Library Displays: April 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case




Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display






Spring in Nebraska is always touch-in-go, so it’s always nice to see hints of spring inside the library. This month, I was all about the butterflies and bright, bright, bright colors.

The bulletin board was a variation of one that I found on Pinterest. It was so easy to put together and I love how cute the hungry, hungry caterpillar is. And, I love how he ties in to the whole butterfly theme I (accidentally) created this month.

April contains National Library Week, and I was so excited when I saw the butterflies on the banner. I was already planning to use butterflies on the reference desk, with a little inspiration from Pinterest, so I literally did a fist pump in excitement. I was a little overzealous in the amount of butterflies that a volunteer cut out for me, so I the leftovers from the desk to the banner above the desk. They add such a bright pop of color, I have a feeling they might just be incorporated for the May display.

The display case was a repeat of last year’s March display. Since our branch is one of three locations that houses a collection of seeds available for checkout, our gardening books check out like mad. And at my last supply open house, I discovered the fun turny-aroundy display sign so I was able to include a list of programs that are happening in the coming months like composting, putting seedlings in the ground, and protecting your garden from pests and diseases.

April is also poetry month so for the book display, I wanted to create a display to showcase poetry and collections. When I found this on Pinterest, I knew I had found my display. I found a tree trunk template and leave template on Google, created a list of poets and put it all together. Even though the poetry books haven’t circulated much, this is one of my favorite displays.


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