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Library Displays: February 2016

Bulletin Board




Display Case



Reference Desk




Young Adult Book Display




I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Even at a young age I thought it an entirely silly concept. Shouldn’t you show your love every day? So I feel incredibly sorry for anyone in a relationship with a person who makes a big deal out of VDay. While I’d have rather littered the library with paper hearts stating “Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!” we are a library where are biggest users are under the age of seven and wouldn’t understand what that meant, I did the next best thing: I focused on other February events and holidays.

I recycled my January bulletin board because that Olaf is just too darn cute! It’s crazy how simply changing the background can change the feel of the room. The blue of January instantly drew your eyes but it felt as chilly as the weather outside. While I think the red blends in with the children’s area, it does make the room feel much warmer.

I was stumped beyond stumped for something to put above the circulation desk for the month. I knew I didn’t want VDay junk up there but what else was there? And then I stumbled upon this quote by Frederick Douglass, and remembering that February is also Black History Month, I knew I had found the right display.

While I was scrolling through Pinterest and holiday calendars for ideas for the display case, I realized that the Academy Awards fell within the month. I requested a few book titles about the history of the Oscars, as well as a few movies that had been nominated within the last few years. (PS: Less than 10 minutes after I put this display together, someone checked out Years of the Oscars!”)

I had the most fun putting together the display on the Reference Desk. It was inspired by the Mt. Rushmore mascots and I thought about putting up bobble heads for both TJ and Teddy, but I didn’t think there was enough space. (I also searched for GW and AL rockem-sockem robots because I thought it would’ve looked hilarious to have them facing off!)

The only truly VDay display I created was the YA book display. And that’s simply because the Dewey sign had me rolling. (Seriously, my bf can attest to that! I was telling him about it and I was cracking myself up as I was explaining it!) I did a quick keyword search of “love” and narrowed my results to teen books and brought in a variety of things. Even though the letters above the book display were a total pain to cut out, I love the random look of it.


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