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Library Displays: January 2016

Bulletin Board


Circulation Desk


Display Case


Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


I have a confession. Until a few weeks ago, I had not seen the Disney movie Frozen. (I know! I know! The shame!) But a coworker of mine lent me her copy to watch and I found it to be incredibly adorable and a lot funnier than I anticipated. I’m even going to force my boyfriend to watch it this weekend.

So the inspiration for the bulletin board actually began way back in November when we held our Princess Party. Most of the little girls dressed up as either Elsa or Anna from the movie so I thought a Frozen bulletin board for January would be perfect. I turned to Pinterest, where I found this display. (I have to say, I think my Olaf is much cuter!) I used some leftover snowflakes from both the circulation and reference desk and the board was done! (P.S. this is my favorite part of the January displays!)

When I was browsing for snow-related themes on Pinterst, I found this pin and thought it would be perfect to use for the banner above the circulation desk. I love using bold, block font letters up there because 1. they’re easier to cut out which I know my volunteers appreciate; 2. they stand out better; and 3. they’re easier to line up. For added effect, I used our Accu-cut machine to include some snowflakes.

The library sets certain themes for each month, and January is (obviously) “New Year, New You” (which you’ll see was used on the YA board). I didn’t want to repeat that theme in the display case so I browsed around for different holidays and month meanings and discovered that January is also National Hobby Month. And what better time to begin learning a new craft? I raided random drawers and found a few items to include as props and pulled a few related books from our shelves to display. I also left the snowflakes and cotton balls from December’s display since I liked the wintery feels they evoked.

For the reference desk, I re-used the darling polar bear that one of my previous volunteers drew. I wish we had different snowflake die cuts for our machine just for a variety of flakes (I do not have a talent for cutting snowflakes from scratch!), but I love how it turned out.

And last, but not least, I used our theme, “New Year, New You” for the young adult book display. I couldn’t believe how many non-fiction titles we had available in our young adult section, so putting this together was a breeze.

Stay warm and toasty these long winter nights by visiting your local library and stock up on some great reads!


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