Library Displays

Library Displays: December 2015

Bulletin Board



Circulation Desk


Display Case






Reference Desk



Young Adult Book Display










Christmastime is here! I had so much fun planning this month’s displays. I love how simple all of these displays are on their own, but together they make everything look so cheerful. And this month, things came together quite nicely.

I was probably overly excited that I was able to use a strand of little lights on the bulletin board! But it really made the little tree look so    Christmas-y that it just made me happy!

And I knew what message I wanted to be above the Circulation Desk so that one also came together quickly.

The display case took the most time of everything. I searched all over Pinterest trying to find simple paper crafts or book crafts and finally decided on two sets of books with Christmas words on the pages. The paper trees were created using recycled newspaper, and while I will say I think they would’ve looked better had I used a discarded paperback, I am pleased with how they turned out. And glitter never hurts! A coworker helped me string the cotton balls which I was so thankful for! I think the snowflakes and cotton balls may be staying on the windows into next month too!

Out of all the displays, the Reference Desk was by far the most difficult. Do you ever have a message in mind but can’t figure out the words to say it? That was how I felt when I stared at the blank desk. Once I started playing Christmas music, the perfect phrase struck and I was able to get the pieces together!

The YA Board was inspired by this post on Pinterest. I was originally going to use those same colors, but when I found this graphic I changed everything to silver and blue.

I also created a little area regarding library news as well as information for our volunteers. I really love the patterns I found and am glad that they have an area designated just for them.


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