Library Displays

Library Displays: October 2015

Bulletin Board






Display Case





Reference Desk


Young Adult Book Display


 October is one of my favorite months to decorate! And I had so much fun putting together these displays. Sometimes it amazes me how it can come together so easily. I knew I wanted to incorporate a mummy on this year’s bulletin board and as I was scouring Pinterest for ideas, it clicked in my mind that you could be “wrapped” up in a good book! Boom! Done!

The banner above the circulation desk took the most time. I debated between using a simple Happy Halloween banner, or using zombies but I kept returning to the phrase “Trick or Treat”. I just changed the traditional saying to a library one!

Our Dia de los Muertros display was in the works since April. A staff member from a different branch supplied me with all the necessary parts: flowers, paper, skeletons, skulls, candles. All I had to supply was the altar and cloth and a person to honor. The biggest trouble I faced was finding someone to dedicate the altar to. Until a coworker suggested we honor our library’s namesake, Bess Johnson. We had a wonderful piece with photographs and an article that was written about her that I photocopied and hung along with the display.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew instantly that that was what I wanted to do on our reference desk. I found a great template for the bat wings which had lines that could be folded to make the bat look three dimensional. I just used MS Publisher to adjust the bat size

And the YA display board theme was one that I had planned since last year and was super simple. I used a list on Goodreads to find titles. But when I put the books out and hung the banner, I felt that there was something missing. I created the “Nevermore” banner by searching old black and white text pages and using MS Publisher to put it all together.

  I’m so looking forward to Halloween this year! And I have some exciting plans for displays in November!


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