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Marriages Throughout Generations

As I’ve been researching my family tree, there are certain branches that do not seem to extend very far. One such example is on my maternal Wright > Wildrick > Willert > Green line. John Green along with his brother Samuel, married a pair of sisters named McManigal. John wed Lavina McManigal on 7 Mar 1849 and Samuel married Catherine (no date confirmation).

Another such instance of this is on my paternal Wright line. Royal Riley and Mary’s son, my 2x great grandfather, Charles Howard b. 25 Apr 1861 married Jennie Emily Olmsted b. 26 Nov 1861 on 15 Oct 1882 in DeKalb, DeKalb, Illinois. And another of my 2x great grandfathers, Perry Edward Davis, also married an Olmsted, Carrie Belle b. 22 Oct 1874, on 29 Sep 1897 in Sac City, Sac, Iowa. Their daughter, Beulah Frances b. 29 Mar 1899 in Tama, Tama, Iowa would go on to marry Charles and Jennie’s son, Amos McKinley b. 29 Aug 1899 in Jackson Twp, Sac, Iowa on 3 Apr 1920 in Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota.

So I was intrigued when researching for the post about the Siglin’s, and I discovered that another of Royal and Mary Wright’s children married an Olmsted. Royal’s older sister, Margaret Jane b. 9 Apr 1856 married a Henry Olmsted 4 Mar 1877 in DeKalb, DeKalb, Illinois. Could Henry be related to Jennie and Carrie?

I began my research with Henry. From previous research, I know that Jennie and Carrie were the daughters of Nathaniel b. 3 Jun 1833 in Davenport, Delaware, New York and Anna Mae Groat b. abt 1842 in New York. Through my own research of my direct Olmsted line, I know that it looks like this:

Carrie & Jennie > Nathan > Roswell > Stephen > Daniel > Daniel > Richard > John > Richard. This last Richard was the first of the Olmsted’s to settle in the New World from England.

With a quick Google search of “Henry N. Olmsted Illinois” I found the following biography on this site:

Henry N. Olmstead, farmer, section 16, Genoa Township, is a native of the place where he has passed his entire life to the present date.  He was born March 4, 1851, and is the son of Caleb and Samantha (Wager) Olmstead, natives of the State of New York.  (See sketch of Caleb Olmstead.) Mr. Olmstead obtained a fair common-school education, which he completed by attendance at the High School at Sycamore. When he was 22 years of age he embarked in his career of independent manhood, and in 1884 purchased the family homestead, which included 160 acres of valuable land, nearly all being under cultivation. Mr. Olmstead has been identified throughout his career in political matters with the Republican party, and has officiated in the discharge of the duties pertaining to several local offices. His marriage to Jane Wright took place at Genoa, March 4, 1877. They have had four children, viz.: Caleb, born Oct 23, 1878; Olin H., June 22, 1879; Nellie and Jay G. The two youngest are not living.  Mrs. Olmstead was born Aug. 9, 1857, in Sycamore, and is the daughter of Royal and Mary (Siglin) Wright, the former a native of New York, the latter born in Pennsylvania. Her parents located at Sycamore soon after marriage, and her father there engaged in farming. He died March 1, 1872. Her mother lives in Iowa. Mrs. Olmstead is the eldest of eight children. Her brothers and sisters were named Frank, Asa, Charles, Amos, Jacob, Flora and Hiram. [Portrait and biographical album of DeKalb County, Illinois, 1885]

With this information I did another Google search for information on Henry’s father, “Caleb Olmsted Illinois” which found a biography from this site:

Caleb Olmstead
[Portrait and Biographical Album of De Kalb County, Illinois, Chapman Brothers (Chicago), 1885, p311]

Caleb Olmstead, a retired farmer, residing at Genoa, is a pioneer settler in De Kalb County, whither he came in 1846, and bought 80 acres of land on section 16, in the township of Genoa.  He was born Oct. 3, 1810, in Davenport, Delaware Co., N. Y., his parents, Anson and Charity (Wilbur) Olmstead, being also natives of the same State, in which they married and settled.  John, Hiram, Caleb, William, Drias, Walter, Catherine, Thene, Melinda, Lydia A. and Electra are the names of their children.

Mr. Olmstead was a resident of his native county until his removal to Genoa Township, where he was been the proprietor of various tracts of land variously located.  He removed to the village of Genoa in February, 1877, and has since participated very little in the cares of active business life.  Politically he is a Republican.

His marriage to Samantha Wager occurred Oct. 9, 1831, in Delaware Co., N. Y., and they have been the parents of 11 children, Andrew H., Albert A., Sophronia, Chester, Lester S., Caroline, Mary H., Henry N., Emmeline, Ella, and Emmer.  Chester and Ella are deceased.  Mrs. Olmstead was born May 2, 1814, in Delaware Co., N. Y., and is the daughter of Cornelius and Mehitable (Bates) Wager.  The biographical notes of Andrew H., Albert A. and Henry Olmstead may be found elsewhere in this volume.

 Within a matter of a few minutes of searching, I was able to take Henry’s line back another two generations to his grandfather, Anson Olmstead. Still no crossover between these two Olmsted families, and so I did another Google search for “Anson Olmstead New York” and with that search, discovered that there is a family heritage collection book for the Olmstead family. 

Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America : embracing the descendants of James and Richard Olmsted and covering a period of nearly three centuries, 1632-1912

And in this collection I find:


Interesting. Yet another marriage cross. On my direct Olmsted ancestry line, my 5th great grandfather, Stephen Olmsted, married a Hannah Kellogg. The plot thickens.

With the genealogical book, I was able to trace Anson’s parentage. You’ll note that in the photo above, there is a string of numbers before Anson’s name, in this case, 5717. For anyone unfamiliar with these types of collections, numbers are assigned to each person who appears in the collection. Think of the collection as a pyramid. It begins with the earliest known ancestor and from that ancestor, descendants branch their way down the scheme. Using the numbers, you can begin at the start of the pyramid and following the numbers down. Or, as I find is generally the case, you can locate your ancestor in the scheme and then search the document backwards for their assigned number. This process is a little easier if you’re able to find a collection that has been digitized because there is usually a search feature that allows you to enter the number or name of your ancestor and zip you directly to the page. That’s what I have done here to locate Anson’s father:


Still no cross between Henry Olmsted and Jennie and Carrie Olmsted’s ancestry line. I continued tracing back through the generations and surprisingly, it wasn’t until I reach the very top of the pyramid, the first known ancestor, Richard Olmsted, that I find there was a match. So, Henry’s line ends up looking like this:

Henry > Caleb > Anson > Edward > Eliphalet > Elijah > John > Joseph > James > Richard.

Wow. That’s either an incredible coincidence that Margaret Jane Wright would marry an Olmsted and that her brother Charles Howard would also marry an Olmsted and that those Olmsted’s would be cousins…only nine generations removed. It fascinates me that even with so many generations between them, that the Olmsteds remained a tight-knit clan. Now, to investigate the Kellogg line and see how many times these families have intertwined.

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