Library Displays

Library Displays: April 2015

Bulletin Board








Display Case

IMG_2730 IMG_2731

Reference Desk



Young Adult Book Display

IMG_2733 IMG_2734 IMG_2735

April was such a fun month of displays! Spring means lots of rain and rain means lots of reading hours so what better way to display that then to have a little rain storm at the desk?! I love how it turned out, and how the drops move whenever the vents blow. Throughout the month of April, our branch has a fortune teller at the desk to recommend a book it sees you reading. It’s been so much fun watching people chuckle over the suggested titles and the little nuggets of wisdom, like the one I received the other day: “Never cook bacon in the nude.”
Good advice, Fortune Teller, good advice.

And Easter brought lots of pastels and bunnies. The bunny banner on the Reference Desk was created on Publisher using blocks of printed colored patterns that I then had volunteers use our bunny die cut and then glue cotton balls on for tails. So simple, and so adorable!

The bulletin board was a repeat of what I did last March for Easter, but I loved it so much I wanted to see it again!

In February I spoke with an advocacy about creating a display in April for Autism Awareness Month. They brought me some fantastic information to display as well as pamphlets and magnets to give to our patrons. I placed books about autism, and I’ve even had a few get checked out! And I love how the puzzle piece ribbons turned out. I had to print them on 8.5 x 11 paper and cut and tape them together, so it was literally a puzzle to piece together, but they turned out beautifully, and I think, draw people’s eye to the display.

And finally, my YA Display. I was stumped for a month on what to create, but when I found a listing of books that take place in each state, I knew that was it. I wanted a display that I could leave up for a few months, until our Summer Reading Program kicks off on June 1st, and this one fit the bill. It makes me so happy to see these books checked out! Our teen patronage is one that I’ve seen grow these past few months, so it’s wonderful that the displays are drawing their interest!


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