Library Displays

Library Displays: March 2015

March 2 was Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so in celebration, I decorated the library! Here are a few of the pictures from my displays. Enjoy!

Bulletin Board





Display Case



Reference Desk



Young Adult Book Display


IMG_2588 IMG_2590


This month’s displays were so much fun! I was never a big fan of Dr. Seuss (I find him extremely terrifying, even to this day) but I had amazing volunteers who free-hand drew all of the pictures for the board! They are so very talented!  Even still, I wanted something for St. Patrick’s Day and so the Reference Desk has become my monthly holiday decor spot. Our display case was a bit difficult to fill after our Winter Reading Club ended, but then it was like a DUH! moment. Our branch was recently added to the branches that carry a seed library, meaning we now have seed packets that patrons can “check out” but can keep for growing vegetables and flowers. It was super easy to put together, simply with items I found around the branch. And I was also so stumped for ideas for the YA display, so when I found the United States of YA, I knew it was a display I could leave up for a few months, and just replace/change titles periodically. That way I can begin to focus on the month’s ahead, and on Summer Reading Program.


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