The Poet’s Table

Today’s post is about a secret location in the Black Hills. I’ve not yet been there, but it’s on my list of activities to try this summer! I follow a Black Hills travel page on Facebook, and about a month ago, they featured a picture of a hidden locale:

photo from Rapid City Journal. click for direct link.

Who wouldn’t want to go there to write?! My jaw dropped and I began searching the interwebz on how to get up there.  And then it hit me: what fun is it if I find step-by-step instructions on how to get to this place? Isn’t it more thrilling to discover something so wonderful all on your own?

So while I have a starting point to be begin the hunt, the rest is all up to me. I’ll be sure to post pictures and an update if I make it up there this summer. Wish me luck!

Below are some sites I found when I began my search for directions:


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