Library Displays

25 Days of Christmas

One of the many things that I love about my job is being able to be creative. Every month I get to put together ideas for a bulletin board in our children’s area. This past month, I created an interactive board called 25 Days of Christmas. My inspiration came from this site. Luckily, we have an Accu-cut machine that I was able to use to make the boxes and many of the decorations for the boxes, and some wonderful volunteers who helped me put everything together.

25 days of Christmas library bulletin board display

25 days of Christmas library bulletin board display

25 days of Christmas library bulletin board display

Inside each box is a tag with a different activity. The activities are also listed on a sheet of paper within the envelope beside the board to allow parents and children to take the list home to complete. Once they’ve completed so many activities, they are eligible for a little prize. The activities are all family oriented, and below is a list of activities that I used.

Put up Christmas decorations
Make a Gingerbread House
Write a letter to Santa
Thank someone (teacher, lunch lady, janitor, bus driver)
Play board games as a family
Take food to a local food pantry or homeless shelter
Bundle up and go sledding!
Listen to Christmas music
Make paper snowflakes for the windows
Make bubble Santa bears while taking a bubble bath
Make a Christmas craft
Call relatives and sing Christmas Carols
Make Christmas treats and take some to a neighbor
Learn about your Christmas traditions
Snuggle and read Christmas books
Pop some corn and watch a Christmas movie
Clean out old toys and clothes and donate
Drink Snowman Soup (Hot Cocoa)
Build a snowman
Give some change to a red bucket Salvation Army
Visit with grandparents
Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights
Write a note to a family member and put it in their stocking
Leave cookies for Santa (don’t forget the reindeer!)
Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

I really wanted activities that could be completed at every age level and involve every member of the family. This was a list that I thought fit those criteria. How many of these have you and your family completed this holiday season? It’s not too late to begin!


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