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Alice Sophrena (Tuttle) Elliott

As my mom and I were putting the finishing touches on our quickly planned family reunion this past weekend, I began organizing my very messy genealogy binders and came across an old newspaper article I had discovered a couple of years ago. This is one of my favorite articles, because so very rarely do I find pictures of my ancestors! It was written 21 November 1937 about my 3x great grandmother, Alice Sophrena (Tuttle) Elliott.

alice elliott

Alice was born 21 November 1852 to Archibald and Almira (Hopson) Tuttle in Mondamin, Harrison County, Iowa. Her parents had met and were married in Hancock County, Illinois in 1850. Their oldest child, Mary was born in Illinois, but by the time of Alice’s birth, the small family had moved to Iowa. Alice was followed by more siblings, another girl, Hester, was born in 1857 while they lived in Iowa. But the family soon crossed the Missouri and settled in the Florence area of Nebraska territory. Her brother William (1859), and sisters Ida (1862) and Harriet (1865) were born while the family lived there. William’s obit stated that he was born in a covered wagon in Florence.

Sometime around 1869, the growing Tuttle family decided to move north into Washington County, where 16 year old Alice was married to 24 year old Robert Lewis Elliott on June 9th. That same day, her aunt, 16 year old Frances Tuttle, was wed to Frederick Hoover in a double ceremony.

By the following June 1870, the family had moved back across the Missouri and lived in Morgan Township, just north of Mondamin, Harrison County, Iowa. There, Alice’s mother gave birth to her last child, John, before her death that same year.

Robert and Alice’s had welcomed a child of their own in May of 1870. Cora Ann was soon joined by three more sisters: Edna (1872, Iowa), Viola (1874, Iowa), and Clara Myrtle (1882, Iowa).

In the years that followed, Robert and Alice moved between Iowa and Nebraska with the rest of the Tuttle clan. The 1880 census showed the Elliott’s living  at 911 N. 16th St. in Omaha (where the Tip Top Apartments are located today) where Robert was a Saloon Keeper. A rough, and surprising job option as Omaha in the early days was a rowdy cow-town. Not surprisingly then, by 1885 the family had returned to Washington County. And on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 1888, 17 year old Cora was married to 25 year old Daniel Green.

By 1900, the Elliott’s, Green’s, and Tuttle’s are easily located on the census pages of Florence, Nebraska. Robert and Alice  and their youngest Clara Myrtle, are neighbors to Alice’s brother, William Tuttle and his family. And Cora and Daniel live nearby with their children: Alice (1889), Ida (1891), Jesse (1892), Gordon (1894), and Hazel (1899).

Sadly, in November of 1904, Robert passed away. In the years after Robert’s death, Alice lived with various relatives. In June of 1943, Alice passed away at the age of 91. She survived her husband by nearly 40 years, she saw two of daughters buried, witnessed the transition of wagons to cars to airplanes. She lived through so many changes, so many different ways of life.

Alice was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha. She lies beside her husband Robert, beneath a shady tree overlooking the cemetery.





So serene and beautiful. It is one of my favorite spots.

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